Taking more care with your electronic cigarettes

Effective Ways to Protect Your Electronic Cig Battery
The current world presents better and simplified ways of doing things through new technology. One of the areas that have seen tremendous change is the use of electronic batteries in different electronic gadgets. Unlike the olden days when people had to use more than six C or D-sized batteries that never lasted for long, people have access to better and simplified batteries. One such innovation is the creation of lithium-ion polymer batteries that have a longer lifetime and are small in size. These lithium batteries are used in e cigarettes, hence they need to be properly maintained to avoid damage and recurrent costs. With the new technology, you can recharge your e cig battery instead of disposing it for a new one. So, how are you supposed to take care of your electronic cigarettes batteries?


Use The Right Charger
One of the biggest mistakes that people do is using different chargers for a given e cig battery. You should only use the charger that is specifically sold with the battery. Do not assume that since the chargers look the same they will serve the same purpose. Each battery comes with its own charger; failure to use that specific charger will lead to damages.
The Charger Must Be Certified
Ensure that you buy your charger from a certified supplier. The charger should be tested, verified and certified by ROHS. You can check the tags on the battery to ensure it has passed all the tests.

Buy from the Right Supplier
Cheap is always expensive. Do not go for a charger just because it is cheap; go for the best quality even if it means digging deeper into your pocket to acquire it. For the UK market, check if the company you buy from is certified by ECITA.
Avoid Overcharging
Most electronic gadgets nowadays come with overcharge protection technology. This is a feature that ensures the battery does not continue passing on more energy once the limit is reached. If your charger does not have this technology, the life of your battery will be reduced because any overcharge will damage it.
It’s good to keep yourself safe from explosions by not leaving your battery charging overnight. Only charge it when you are in the house to avoid any risk.
Take Good Care of the Battery
Besides having the right charger, it’s important to maintain your battery. Some of the things you can do to keep the battery in good shape is keeping the terminals clean and ensuring it is charged at all times. Do not store your battery with a charge that is less than 50% because this will cause it to drain faster. When the batteries are inside e cigarettes, keep the gadgets in safe places where they cannot fall.
Do Not Use Phone Adaptors
Mobile phone adaptors are not necessarily compatible with chargers meant for electronic cigarettes. Make sure you use the adaptor that is right for your gadget.


The benefits of choosing E-Cigarettes

Girl smokes an electronic cigarette
Maintaining mental wellness and physical health is important to many people in modern society. For that reason, health authorities consistently promote supplements which are beneficial to the body and mind. Potential shoppers who see attractive products like electronic cigarettes within health newsletters may sometimes subscribe through recognisable links to get more information.

Electronic cigarettes, which are also known as e cigarettes or e cigs, have become quite popular in a relatively short time. They are developed using technology which makes vaping safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. E cigs using liquid chemicals were first developed in China and moved to the American market in 2007.

Consumers enjoy smokeless tobacco products and this has caused sales to increase. Information is readily available on e cigs nowadays via web links and search engines. The availability of information has helped consumers who are interested in trying this product.

Better for health
Smoking an e cigarette is said to be healthier and this is why some people first try one. As time has passed, manufacturers of e cigarettes have become even more innovative. Users can now choose from different levels of nicotine content. Programs conducted by health experts address both the benefits of smokeless products and the possible complications from any type of smoking.

There are concerns over the availability of e cigs for younger people. People of any age may try an e cig in order to cut back on smoking. This gives them more control over monitoring their health. When smokers compare the benefits with traditional cigarettes they realise that they experience less harm to their lungs since no burning takes place.

Reviews from people who have used e cigs make the benefits known to communities of people who smoke. When learning of the common benefits through web links and high resolution videos, people who want to avoid lung disease are more likely to use vaping. This helps them to stop smoking more quickly than if they used some other options, such as a nicotine patch.

Reasons why experts recommend electronic cigarettes
Experts recommend that smokers who are trying to quit the habit use e-cigs. This is because by doing so, they can prolong their life. Each smoker can adjust the level of chemicals in their e cig to suit their preferences. This means they may slowly wean their body from nicotine and quit the habit.

The environmental impact of these products is less because they do not release smoke into the environment. Communities of people who are trying to quit smoking by vaping often share information online in social networks. This makes it easier to get the support which is so crucial when making a positive life change. Those who are interested in purchasing e-cigs to stop smoking may describe different products in brief.

They may describe the benefits of this technology online and order varying amounts of the products and flavours that suit their clients. Each sales page will help new clients to see the benefits and pick those with the most attractive features in terms of content.

The effects of smoking and what you can do to stop it

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Smoking has serious effects on the general health of the smoker. Whether inhaled directly or through passive means, the smoke from cigarettes contains toxic elements that can cause diseases. Some of the effects include:


Different Types of Cancer
Study has shown that inhaling tobacco leads to the development of cancerous cells. When you smoke, you increase the risk of suffering from different types of cancers. These cancers include stomach cancer, throat cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, and bladder cancer. You can reduce the risk of contracting any of these cancers if you stop to smoke.
Genetic Damage
A study done in 2011 indicated that smoking has adverse effects on the DNA of a human being. The study involved 12 volunteers whose DNA was observed before and after they smoked. It was discovered that the cigarettes produced a toxic substance that resulted to DNA mutation after a few minutes. This shows that the toxic substances contained in a single cigarette can trigger DNA changes and a disruption of the genetics.
Stillbirth Risks
Tobacco poses many health risks to the unborn baby. When pregnant mothers smoke, they subject their unborn babies to passive smoke. This can cause many problems to the baby such as premature birth, low birth weight, heart problems, and birth defects among others.
Teeth Decolourization
Most smokers have decoloured teeth due to the toxic smoke affecting teeth. This is a huge problem, especially for chain smokers because it affects their image. Besides staining teeth, smokers face the risk of losing teeth, having mouth cancer and suffering from gum diseases. These can all be avoided by simply quitting the habit.
Economic Effects
Apart from the health problems, cigarette smokers spend a lot of money on buying cigarettes. Once smoking becomes an addiction, the victim spends some part of their income on purchasing cigarettes on a daily basis. Other risks may include starting fires that can cause millions in damages.
Solutions for Smokers
Withdrawing from taking cigarettes can be challenging, especially for addicts who have smoked for many years. To help you stop this habit, here are some things you can do:

Gradual reduction– Try to reduce the extent of your tobacco intake by cutting down on the number of cigarettes you take in a day.

Using electronic cigarettes – You can switch to electronic cigarettes to help you stop this habit. E cig produces no smoke or flame, meaning it’s less toxic and helps you fight your cravings. People who have tried an E cig have reported a high success rate for smokers who are trying to quit.

Change your eating habits Research indicates that changing your diet can help you to quit cigarettes in a natural way. There are foods that can change your craving so that you don’t need to smoke to satisfy this feeling.

Reduce the effects of smoke- You can reduce the effects of tobacco by simply washing your hands after you smoke, keeping ashtrays clean, changing your clothes and opting to smoke outdoors where there are no people.

More information about smoking effects and solutions

About the health…

Happy Woman Smoking Electronic Cigarette Drinking Coffee In Bar

We are all concerned about our health and general wellbeing. In our day to day lives we try to eat well, exercise and watch what we eat. If you are a smoker then obviously you may be concerned that you are damaging your body by smoking tobacco. Well, the good news for smokers is that if they want to continue their daily smoking habit, then they can do so with the e cig. All tobacco smokers know the dangers of regularly smoking tobacco, so a good alternative is to use the electronic cigarette.

So, about health and the e cig. It was back in August 2015 that Public Health England (PHE) stated that electronic cigarettes were around 95 percent less harmful than normal cigarettes. If we take this fact into consideration, these type of cigarettes are also hugely beneficial to those individuals who are trying to quit smoking tobacco. So, the answer to the question, do electronic cigarettes affect health? would have to be that of no, they are not harmful and can actually help people live a healthier lifestyle.

The benefits of the e cigarette

So, about health, e cigarettes and their many benefits to living a healthy lifestyle. We know that they are considerably less harmful than smoking tobacco, but what are the other major benefits?

They contain no tar It is the tar that is harmful to the lungs and it is well known that smoking tobacco cigarettes can damage the lungs and lead to respiratory problems. As these cigarettes contain no tar, or added tannins, they will also not stain the teeth.

Smoke in public places At present there is no smoking ban in public places with regards to e cigarettes.

Kinder to the environment E cigarettes are a lot kinder to the environment as they are simply vapours, and produce no harmful toxins.

The nicotine chamber is very useful. Because it allows you to choose the variety of strength. This way you can reduce the amount of nicotine until you are comfortable to quit completely.

There are some health benefits smokers experience when they use e cigarettes. Many smokers claim that e-cigarettes reduce cough experienced when smoking tobacco cigarettes. Smoking an e cig also improves sleep, sense of smell and taste. The number of people dying due to smoking has reduced thanks to electronic cigarettes.

So, as you can see, e cigarettes really do have many benefits. A staggering 3 million people who live in the UK have already made the switch to electronic cigarettes. Will you?

How it works?

e-cigarettes with different re-fill bottles, close up

E-cigarettes are designed like normal cigarettes, however, they do not contain tobacco. These electronic devices are designed to provide smokers with nicotine without taking tobacco. Electronic cigarettes are also odorless, meaning they do not produce any smell or smoke. Smokers do not need a match or flame when using e-cigarettes.

Many smokers are puzzled about how it works to satisfy the urge of nicotine. Smokers should understand that this electronic device is powered by a battery. The battery is designed to convert liquid nicotine to vapor. The mist produced is inhaled by smokers to satisfy their need for nicotine. This means electronic cigarettes are healthy unlike normal cigarettes because they do not produce harmful substances like tar and carbon monoxide. Users do not need fire to light electronic cigarettes or worry about polluting air.

Understanding how it works is very important for smokers. For a smoker to enjoy nicotine when using traditional cigarette he must use a flame. Lighting the cigarette causes the tobacco inside to burn releasing smoke which the smoker inhales. An e cigarette does not require a flame for combustion to occur. An e cigarette is filled with liquid nicotine which produces vapor when heated. Vaporization process starts when a smoker inhales from a cartridge. Some other devices come with a manual switch which activates the vaporization process.

An electronic cigarette is designed with three components which make an e cig to work. A rechargeable battery, cartridge and vaporization chamber. The main function of the battery is to power the e cigarette. Users can charge the lithium battery with a charger similar to those used to charge phone batteries. Users connect the battery to the vaporization chamber which is a hollow tube. This tube contains electric controls and an atomizer which creates the vapor. Users must connect the cartridge to the vaporization chamber. The cartridge contains nicotine which is in liquid form. It also works as the mouthpiece of the e-cig.

E cig users inhale in the same way as smoking traditional cigarette. This activates the atomizer which burns the liquid nicotine producing vapor. This vapor is inhaled to the lungs and the smoker exhales vapor similar to smoke produced when smoking normal cigarette. Smokers enjoy electronic cigarette as it gives them the same feeling of smoking traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes have a LED light, which lights when the cigarette is activated. Smokers are advised not to use flame as it will cause the battery to explode.
Liquid nicotine is a food additive known as propylene glycol. This product comes with different flavors like cherry, mint, chocolate etc. Unlike tobacco, there is so much variety to choose from regarding flavour: such as mint, banana and even chocolate. They even smell nice, unlike tobacco. Smokers can buy cartridges filled with a flavor of their choice.

How much is it?

Hand holding electronic cigarette on a black background

Smoking is one of the most expensive habit for any individual. The local and federal governments have imposed taxes on cigarette smoking so as to ensure we have a tobacco free nation. Increased costs on tobacco cigarettes has led to increasing demand for e-cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are not only safe but also cost effective. We have seen adverts from e cigarette companies giving an 80% discount on e cigs. This product is available in retail stores and also online. It is important for smokers to know how an e cigarette works and how much is it.

Electronic cigarettes come in different designs. Some are designed to resemble the normal cigarette others look like a cigar ad we have those with a pen shape. Buying an electronic cigarette for the first time will be an expensive investment. This is because you are required to buy a starter kit. Starter kits consist of; lithium battery, charger, cartridge and an e cig. Buying a starter kit will cost $40 to $120. The e cigarette cost may sound expensive the first time but once you have a starter kit, you will not need a new one for several months.

Smokers are required to replace cartridges more often. A cartridge costs an estimate of $10, however, you can choose to buy e-liquid bottles for refills. E-liquid bottles contain liquid nicotine which can be easily refilled in a cartridge. Refilling cartridges is economical compared to the cost of buying new ones. Cartridges last the same time a packet of 20 tobacco sticks last. So, e cigarette prices are cost effective.

Many smokers fear buying electronic cigarettes because they do not know the cost benefits it offers. Let us do a simple math of how much is it to smoke an e cig. Assuming you buy two bottles of liquid nicotine at a cost of $43 plus shipping and an atomizer for $20. The total cost per month is $63. If you calculate per year it adds up to $516 to smoke an e cig. Tobacco smokers are forced to spend $180 per month which amounts to $2,160 per year. Smoking an electronic cigarette on a daily basis for an year saves you 1,644 dollars.

The savings smokers get from smoking e cigarette is appealing. You can use this money to pay more important bills. With this simple calculation, it is evident e cigarette cost is pocket friendly. Understanding e cigarette prices helps you make wise decisions about your smoking habit.



All you ever want to know about electronic cigarette!

Electronic cigarettes known as e-cigs is becoming a progressively popular idea. You may have seen or heard about the E cigarette but do you really understand what is an e-cigarette?

The electronic cigarette has been around for many years, a clever device designed to provide smokers a healthier option. It also is used in helping reduce and most important quit smoking completely. As time passes, electronic cigarettes have become easier to understand than the previous versions, which were a little bigger to boost the market demand.

When you’re looking for the best e-cigarette it’s important that you want to be sure you understand their function and how to find the correct ones that are suitable for you.

If you’re searching for the best E cig, it’s a good idea to understand how these things function other than just the fact that they cause a vapor.

The electronic cigarettes seem to resemble a real cigarette, but in truth, they are battery operated and when you take a puff of smoke when you exhale this is actually the vapor.

Understanding the E cigarette

An electronic cigarette gives you the pleasure of tobacco but none of the harmful elements that are found in regular cigarettes. This satisfies the craving without inhaling any of the dangerous toxins that a regular smoker experiences.

If you’re looking for the ideal electronic cigarette, it’s important to understand and get to know the difference between regular smoking and the “new age vaping”. It’s important that you understand where the vapor from these e-cigarettes originate from and also why and how it’s different from the combustion that rises from regular burning tobacco as soon as you light up a regular cigarette.

If you look at vapor in a scientific way, it is the case of something that has been heated. Elements beginning as liquids as opposing to solids like tobacco constantly change to vapor as opposed to smoke. This is one of the big differences that you’ll find between vaping and smoking.

When shopping for the best electronic cigarette it’s best to locate the ones that have the top vaporizers and the batteries. These are important elements.

The Advantages

Choosing the e cig has obvious advantages, for instance, if you’re a smoker and is trying to quit, it’s a great alternative to kicking the habit. Another advantage is that they don’t leave any remains behind such as in traditional cigarettes where the smoke does linger on the drapes, furniture, wall and even clothing.

The vapor, on the other hand, disappears rapidly in the air. The electronic cigarette has the taste of tobacco but none of the harmful substances that are in regular cigarettes. This allows smokers cravings to be satisfied without actually inhaling dangerous toxins.

None smokers also benefit by not worrying about second-hand smoking creating a much better sociable environment. You and your family can enjoy your cigarette electronic home.

You’ll find many flavors available from fruit flavored varieties to some e-liquids that have nicotine in them. It’s good to understand that even though the e-liquids have food and fruit flavors, there is no danger from bacteria in the lungs or the throat when you inhale the vapor.

Some of the more special flavors are similar to chocolate, or even coffee and vanilla. Vaping will give you a satisfying experience. Enjoy your cigarette electronic home.