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Happy Woman Smoking Electronic Cigarette Drinking Coffee In Bar

We are all concerned about our health and general wellbeing. In our day to day lives we try to eat well, exercise and watch what we eat. If you are a smoker then obviously you may be concerned that you are damaging your body by smoking tobacco. Well, the good news for smokers is that if they want to continue their daily smoking habit, then they can do so with the e cig. All tobacco smokers know the dangers of regularly smoking tobacco, so a good alternative is to use the electronic cigarette.

So, about health and the e cig. It was back in August 2015 that Public Health England (PHE) stated that electronic cigarettes were around 95 percent less harmful than normal cigarettes. If we take this fact into consideration, these type of cigarettes are also hugely beneficial to those individuals who are trying to quit smoking tobacco. So, the answer to the question, do electronic cigarettes affect health? would have to be that of no, they are not harmful and can actually help people live a healthier lifestyle.

The benefits of the e cigarette

So, about health, e cigarettes and their many benefits to living a healthy lifestyle. We know that they are considerably less harmful than smoking tobacco, but what are the other major benefits?

They contain no tar It is the tar that is harmful to the lungs and it is well known that smoking tobacco cigarettes can damage the lungs and lead to respiratory problems. As these cigarettes contain no tar, or added tannins, they will also not stain the teeth.

Smoke in public places At present there is no smoking ban in public places with regards to e cigarettes.

Kinder to the environment E cigarettes are a lot kinder to the environment as they are simply vapours, and produce no harmful toxins.

The nicotine chamber is very useful. Because it allows you to choose the variety of strength. This way you can reduce the amount of nicotine until you are comfortable to quit completely.

There are some health benefits smokers experience when they use e cigarettes. Many smokers claim that e-cigarettes reduce cough experienced when smoking tobacco cigarettes. Smoking an e cig also improves sleep, sense of smell and taste. The number of people dying due to smoking has reduced thanks to electronic cigarettes.

So, as you can see, e cigarettes really do have many benefits. A staggering 3 million people who live in the UK have already made the switch to electronic cigarettes. Will you?


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