How it works?

e-cigarettes with different re-fill bottles, close up

E-cigarettes are designed like normal cigarettes, however, they do not contain tobacco. These electronic devices are designed to provide smokers with nicotine without taking tobacco. Electronic cigarettes are also odorless, meaning they do not produce any smell or smoke. Smokers do not need a match or flame when using e-cigarettes.

Many smokers are puzzled about how it works to satisfy the urge of nicotine. Smokers should understand that this electronic device is powered by a battery. The battery is designed to convert liquid nicotine to vapor. The mist produced is inhaled by smokers to satisfy their need for nicotine. This means electronic cigarettes are healthy unlike normal cigarettes because they do not produce harmful substances like tar and carbon monoxide. Users do not need fire to light electronic cigarettes or worry about polluting air.

Understanding how it works is very important for smokers. For a smoker to enjoy nicotine when using traditional cigarette he must use a flame. Lighting the cigarette causes the tobacco inside to burn releasing smoke which the smoker inhales. An e cigarette does not require a flame for combustion to occur. An e cigarette is filled with liquid nicotine which produces vapor when heated. Vaporization process starts when a smoker inhales from a cartridge. Some other devices come with a manual switch which activates the vaporization process.

An electronic cigarette is designed with three components which make an e cig to work. A rechargeable battery, cartridge and vaporization chamber. The main function of the battery is to power the e cigarette. Users can charge the lithium battery with a charger similar to those used to charge phone batteries. Users connect the battery to the vaporization chamber which is a hollow tube. This tube contains electric controls and an atomizer which creates the vapor. Users must connect the cartridge to the vaporization chamber. The cartridge contains nicotine which is in liquid form. It also works as the mouthpiece of the e-cig.

E cig users inhale in the same way as smoking traditional cigarette. This activates the atomizer which burns the liquid nicotine producing vapor. This vapor is inhaled to the lungs and the smoker exhales vapor similar to smoke produced when smoking normal cigarette. Smokers enjoy electronic cigarette as it gives them the same feeling of smoking traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes have a LED light, which lights when the cigarette is activated. Smokers are advised not to use flame as it will cause the battery to explode.
Liquid nicotine is a food additive known as propylene glycol. This product comes with different flavors like cherry, mint, chocolate etc. Unlike tobacco, there is so much variety to choose from regarding flavour: such as mint, banana and even chocolate. They even smell nice, unlike tobacco. Smokers can buy cartridges filled with a flavor of their choice.


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