How much is it?

Hand holding electronic cigarette on a black background

Smoking is one of the most expensive habit for any individual. The local and federal governments have imposed taxes on cigarette smoking so as to ensure we have a tobacco free nation. Increased costs on tobacco cigarettes has led to increasing demand for e-cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are not only safe but also cost effective. We have seen adverts from e cigarette companies giving an 80% discount on e cigs. This product is available in retail stores and also online. It is important for smokers to know how an e cigarette works and how much is it.

Electronic cigarettes come in different designs. Some are designed to resemble the normal cigarette others look like a cigar ad we have those with a pen shape. Buying an electronic cigarette for the first time will be an expensive investment. This is because you are required to buy a starter kit. Starter kits consist of; lithium battery, charger, cartridge and an e cig. Buying a starter kit will cost $40 to $120. The e cigarette cost may sound expensive the first time but once you have a starter kit, you will not need a new one for several months.

Smokers are required to replace cartridges more often. A cartridge costs an estimate of $10, however, you can choose to buy e-liquid bottles for refills. E-liquid bottles contain liquid nicotine which can be easily refilled in a cartridge. Refilling cartridges is economical compared to the cost of buying new ones. Cartridges last the same time a packet of 20 tobacco sticks last. So, e cigarette prices are cost effective.

Many smokers fear buying electronic cigarettes because they do not know the cost benefits it offers. Let us do a simple math of how much is it to smoke an e cig. Assuming you buy two bottles of liquid nicotine at a cost of $43 plus shipping and an atomizer for $20. The total cost per month is $63. If you calculate per year it adds up to $516 to smoke an e cig. Tobacco smokers are forced to spend $180 per month which amounts to $2,160 per year. Smoking an electronic cigarette on a daily basis for an year saves you 1,644 dollars.

The savings smokers get from smoking e cigarette is appealing. You can use this money to pay more important bills. With this simple calculation, it is evident e cigarette cost is pocket friendly. Understanding e cigarette prices helps you make wise decisions about your smoking habit.




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