Taking more care with your electronic cigarettes

Effective Ways to Protect Your Electronic Cig Battery
The current world presents better and simplified ways of doing things through new technology. One of the areas that have seen tremendous change is the use of electronic batteries in different electronic gadgets. Unlike the olden days when people had to use more than six C or D-sized batteries that never lasted for long, people have access to better and simplified batteries. One such innovation is the creation of lithium-ion polymer batteries that have a longer lifetime and are small in size. These lithium batteries are used in e cigarettes, hence they need to be properly maintained to avoid damage and recurrent costs. With the new technology, you can recharge your e cig battery instead of disposing it for a new one. So, how are you supposed to take care of your electronic cigarettes batteries?


Use The Right Charger
One of the biggest mistakes that people do is using different chargers for a given e cig battery. You should only use the charger that is specifically sold with the battery. Do not assume that since the chargers look the same they will serve the same purpose. Each battery comes with its own charger; failure to use that specific charger will lead to damages.
The Charger Must Be Certified
Ensure that you buy your charger from a certified supplier. The charger should be tested, verified and certified by ROHS. You can check the tags on the battery to ensure it has passed all the tests.

Buy from the Right Supplier
Cheap is always expensive. Do not go for a charger just because it is cheap; go for the best quality even if it means digging deeper into your pocket to acquire it. For the UK market, check if the company you buy from is certified by ECITA.
Avoid Overcharging
Most electronic gadgets nowadays come with overcharge protection technology. This is a feature that ensures the battery does not continue passing on more energy once the limit is reached. If your charger does not have this technology, the life of your battery will be reduced because any overcharge will damage it.
It’s good to keep yourself safe from explosions by not leaving your battery charging overnight. Only charge it when you are in the house to avoid any risk.
Take Good Care of the Battery
Besides having the right charger, it’s important to maintain your battery. Some of the things you can do to keep the battery in good shape is keeping the terminals clean and ensuring it is charged at all times. Do not store your battery with a charge that is less than 50% because this will cause it to drain faster. When the batteries are inside e cigarettes, keep the gadgets in safe places where they cannot fall.
Do Not Use Phone Adaptors
Mobile phone adaptors are not necessarily compatible with chargers meant for electronic cigarettes. Make sure you use the adaptor that is right for your gadget.


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